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Quality Assurance

Quality Guarantee

Our Products and Services Meet Highest Standards

Chemleader offers a unique service solution. We believe that service strategy should be based on each of our clients' objectives, we have done every step so that our products meet the highest standards to the requirements of customer satisfaction to the highest standards of its mission.


Conformance to Global Standards

All our QC quality control specifications refer to the global standards, any substance must be qualitative and quantitative quality control, we have the world's most advanced equipment, product characterization, including H-NMR, LC/MS, HPLC, Chiral HPLC and Micro-analysis,IR,Mp, GC,MS and various types of titration, etc., can be traceability and reliability to ensure you quality results. All of these help you get a high level of quality and compliance. 

Production environment, strict ERP Quality Supervision and control procedures (QA) will be found to produce the vulnerability of substandard products, with the ISO9001 quality system,Chemleader has a full range of analysis techniques tailored to each product to ensure that all Chemleader homogeneity of the product batch.Not only could Chemleader provide the information of stability and activity of the products, but also provides the chemical test data, such as H-NMR, LC-MS and HPLC.


Net Content Control and Safety 

Our reagents ensure that the process to meet the domestic and international laws and regulations, each product MSDS safety operating instructions, the COA of Quality Supervision, Inspection certificate, in order to maintain the safety of your employees and property, and help you fully meet the requirements of the operating specifications operations.


Product Labeling and Traceability

We label all of the design of two-dimensional code, including the product batch number, and the raw material batch and Item. Any aspect of a quality problem, we all can be traced. In order to comply with the regulations, we will be summary of data from different sources to the easy-to-understand labels. IT to ensure accurate tracking and labeling material composition, the content of information and sources of raw materials. Our labeling solutions for easy integration into existing systems, ensuring compliance, security and precision.

    Chemleader attaches super importance to quality control and assurance. We take customer satisfactions as our company's principle. Besides, we are consistently upgrading every aspect of our quality system so as to achieve highest quality standards. Every product we deliver includes a Certificate of Analysis with complete detailed information including lot number, product information, specification and typical analysis data.

QA of the whole synthesis process:
                   ·Raw Material Quality Inspection (RMQ)
                   ·In-Process Quality Inspection (IPQ)
                   ·Final Product Quality Inspection (FPQ)
                   ·Maintain retained samples of each lot for analysis

Our capability of QC

We always pay attention to the quality control. Strict quality control policy enables us to cater quality chemicals in the marketplace without any flaw. It is the key to our success. Not only could Chemleader provide the information of stability and activity of the products, but also provides the chemical test data every delivery, such as H-NMR, LC-MS and HPLC. Besides, the following examination can be performed as required:

·MS Analysis

 ·Elemental Analysis

  ·Acid-Base Titration
 ·Specific Optical Rotation
  ·Karl Fischer Titration
   ·Stability Test
  ·Melting Point Test