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Product research and development center has more than 500 square meters of professional chemical experiment site, has a research and development room, synthetic room, analysis room, kg workshop, etc. We have perfect quality control system, using high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, infrared spectrophotometer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer and other advanced instruments and equipment, and cooperation with the third party platform of testing resources AV400 nuclear magnetic resonance instrument, liquid mass combination, advanced detection means, can ensure the products with high quality, high to meet customer requirements.

Laboratory at present main products are active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, such as research and development center, which is based on well-known colleges and universities and research institute, Shanghai university of science and technology, Shanghai pharmaceutical industry research institute, key laboratories and we keep close cooperation, common research and development work. First-class research and development team, first-class experimental personnel and advanced chemical laboratory and production base, to ensure the good quality, our products has won the numerous customers both at home and abroad for us. Through long-term unremitting efforts, at present, we have for the domestic and foreign colleges and universities and the top 500 international pharmaceutical chemical companies to provide long-term service. Research and development center since its establishment, the cumulative development and production of products has reached more than hundreds of, can be roughly divided into heterocyclic derivatives, benzene derivatives, and so on, the products are widely used in pesticide, medicine, dye and other industries.

Our biggest feature is stable and reliable product quality, integrity, is responsible for the sales process. We will according to the demand of the market to develop new products constantly, meet the demand of more companies, win more customers.