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Check Order Status

You can view any online real-time status of your order under any manner. At  the same time, we provide links to major logistics company website  where you can track your order after leaving our warehouse to receive  your goods between state. You can refer to the following steps to track your order.

1.  Order Status page displays the order details, including shipping status  of all line items: complete delivery, partial delivery or not yet  shipped. On this page you can re-order all products, or return to Find Order results.

2. For more information on each line of goods, please click on the details link of the line shipping status column. Shipping information page will then display the line items, including  the shipment date, packing list number and logistics companies waybill  number.

The website provides links to the logistics company, you can click on  the logistics company waybill number to access the company's website  shipping status

Reorder from the historical order

If  you often repetitive ordering the same product for the same consignor  or consignee location, you can view a history of orders, which will be  loaded onto a cart for all products, to create a new order. Please refer to the following steps:


1. Enter the sales confirmation number or find all the historical order in line with your needs through other search criteria. To view information about the search and view the history of past  orders help order status information, click Order Status Help topic.

2. When the target orders appears, click "Reorder" button.

3. Shopping Cart page appears, which contains all the information in the original order.

4. According to the actual need to be modified, then click the "Get /  confirmation Packing" button to update the shopping cart total.

5. Click the "Add to Cart" button to all of the above product was added to the shopping cart.

6. The page will be refreshed into the shopping cart page. Here you will be able to modify the order quantity, modify the mode of  transport, add / delete items, save shopping cart for future  submissions, print preview orders, submit orders.

Invoice Description

1. How do you get an invoice

Kay  biological order according to customer requirements will be issued  Chinese machine-printed "Shanghai ordinary VAT invoice" or "Shanghai VAT  invoices." This  unit can be used as an invoice for reimbursement vouchers and tax  credits, invoice details for the customer actually purchased product  information, the invoice amount is the total order value (including  Shipment amount). If you have individual requirements for billing, follow the instructions in the order note.

2. The invoice delivery way

1) Kay biological invoices general delivery in three forms: the post  office registered mail, express and accompanied with the goods.

2)  Delivery within Shanghai and rhyme speed transport support invoice  accompanied with the goods, we will add "Invoice included" label on the  rhyme-speed transport and distribution of the product packaging, please  note that check, to prevent loss. If you need to invoice separately with the distribution of goods, please note in your order.

3)  the goods delivered separate invoice generally in the form of post  office registered letter sent (some users note to the unit mail room  check). Such as invoices need to express in the form of delivery, in the order  remarks or prior notice to the customer service staff, in accordance  with the actual situation and need to take the appropriate delivery  costs.

4) If the special circumstances, we will notify you invoice delivery way.