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Kay Rucker, research assistants around you.

Kay biomedical research with a number of chemical manufacturing units at home and abroad to establish a good long-term relationship of good faith, is its innovative high-tech products, large-scale marketing channels, safe and efficient international intermodal systems and highly personalized service mode, making the operating integrity ring increasingly strong and indestructible.

With global chemical resources and international operations systems, products related to plant extracts, pharmaceutical intermediates and biochemical reagents, inventory up to 6,000 or more. Especially anticancer anti-tumor, anti-virus and other natural extracts hot scarcity of products favored by the users.

Core competencies:

R & D capabilities

Quality R & D team, a lot of cutting-edge technology and excellent systematic management, can quickly meet customer demand for high-purity reagents

Market competitiveness

Low supply prices, extensive purchasing channels.



TOKYO (Shanghai) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

TOKYO (Shanghai) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (TCI Shanghai) is a subsidiary of Chemical Industries, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan (TCI) in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park owned establishment to quality services for China's manufacturing chemists TCI 22,000 a variety of special organic chemicals, also entrusted the synthesis of new organic chemicals and various intermediates. They include fluorine-containing compounds, organic and inorganic fine chemicals, precious metal compounds, metal compounds, organic silane, silicone compound, homogeneous or heterogeneous catalysts, phosphine compounds, rare earth compounds.



Sigma-Aldrich (Sigma-Aldrich China)

Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science and High Technology company. We provide tens of thousands of chemicals, which feature products are screening compounds, synthetic blocks, intermediates, molecular fragments and the like. Biochemical and organic chemical products and kits are used in scientific research in life science research, organic chemistry, materials science, analytical chemistry and other high technology manufacturing.