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About Orders


Q How do I check my order?

A  You can enter registered under the user name and password "my account"  and query all of your orders, or you can contact the customer service  staff to help you query order information; such as order contents of any  modification or doubt please Contact Customer Service 021-58180488.



Q How to modify the order information?

A  final confirmation you submit your order, you can not modify the  relevant content of your order within yourself, you must notify the  customer service staff to modify the content of your order, if more  changes, we recommend that you delete the order (in "without any  treatment "state) or notify customer service personnel to remove the order (" Order Confirmed "status), and re-order



Q In the order has been submitted it may increase or decrease in commodity?

A You can not increase or decrease in orders for goods that have been  submitted, you have to re-order or contact customer service staff to  increase or decrease the merchandise in the order.



About Out



Q commodity out how to do?

A If you do not find the desired product or find merchandise in  our product centers need to order, you can call the customer service  hotline to order



Q How to buy stock without price merchandise?

A  class of goods or imports mostly Bulk commodities, as prices of these  commodities will be subject to change, so our site does not announce its  exact price, if you want to know the price of these commodities or  determined wish to order such goods Please call the customer service center to the customer service inquiry, we will tell you the exact price and how to order. Customer Service Center Tel: 021-58180488 Fax: 021-58180488-808



On arrival


Q Why is a long time did not receive the goods?

A  cause for a long time did not receive the goods may be due to the  following: 1) due to weekends and holidays no shipping delays caused by  the receipt of goods or 2) courier, trucking companies in the  distribution process lost 3) orders for goods delivery process Goods produced omission 4) remittance arrives but encountered delivery  address is unknown, insufficient amount of remittances, 5) due to  natural factors or social factors objective non-delivery of goods caused  by force majeure


About Invoice

Q Why did not see the goods to the invoice?

A  If you select shipping methods within the Shanghai shipping, usually  delivered with an invoice and goods; If you choose express shipping way  or road haulage, the invoice and goods delivered separately; such  special circumstances, we will notify your invoice delivery way.



Q invoices were delivered in what form?

A  normally under invoice will be sent in the form of post office  registered mail (some users note to the unit mail room check), such as  invoices need to express in the form of delivery, please note or prior  notice to the customer service staff in order.