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Cytochalasin H CAS:53760-19-3



Cytochalasin H CAS:53760-19-3

Product Name:Cytochalasin H

CAS No.:53760-19-3

Synonyms:Paspalin P1;Kodocytochalasin 1;Cytochalasin O;NSC305222

Chemical Name:17-Deoxo-21-acetylzygosporin D



Molecular Formula:C30H39NO5

Molecular Weight:493.6

Appearance:White solid

Solubility:Soluble in DMSO, methanol or acetone

Biological Activity:

Cytochalasin H is used in actin polymerization studies. Cytochalasins are potent mycotoxins which bind to the barbed end of actin filaments resulting in inhibition of both the association and dissociation of subunits. Used as a tool for cytological research. These fungal toxins are related by their chemical structure characterized by a highly substituted hydrogenated isoindole ring to which is fused a macrocyclic ring. In vitro, cytochalasin H exhibits antibacterial, antifungal, nematocidal and antitumor activity.


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