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Return and Exchange

Return and Exchange

If the product has quality problems, please contact our customer service staff in time to return and exchange the goods. Without permission, no return will be accepted.

Including but not limited to the following situations will not be returned:

    (1) Special specification products, customized products


    (2) Leaked or damaged chemicals


    (3) Products with fuzzy product labels that affect information recognition


    (4) Frozen products that have been opened


    (5) Products that cannot be sold due to product damage during the return

Customers need to package the products properly. If they require low-temperature storage, they need to carry out corresponding low-temperature packaging, otherwise the customer will bear the loss.

For all returns and exchanges other than quality problems, we will charge a 15% handling fee for storage and testing, with a minimum of RMB 100.

Online service time: 9:00-18:00 on weekdays