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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Custom Peptide Synthesis

The scientists at Chemleader Biomedical have decades of peptide synthesis and purification experience. We specialize in meeting our customer’s needs and delivering the highest quality and service. Our experienced synthetic chemists work in collaboration with customers to understand their needs, Chemleader Biomedical is able to provide a range of high-quality custom peptide synthesis services for biomedical research. we control all aspects of the manufacturing process and thus you can be assured that your peptides will be of the highest quality. These services include but not limited to standard peptide synthesis (from mg to kg), whether that be a single, simple peptide, a variety of complex labeled products or an extensive library for screening.high-throughput peptide library and peptide array synthesis.  Whether you require a few mg of highly purified peptide or high-throughput peptide library and peptide array synthesis, our highly trained scientific staff can assist you in choosing peptide sequences and purities to suit your specific research needs, we utilize the latest technologies such as solid phase and/or liquid phase synthesis, and microwave and/or ligation technologies. Quality of peptides is guaranteed with MS spectrum, HPLC analysis and other QC documents.

New drug discovery: New drug development achieves excellent research through our reliable and universal products.

Cosmetic development: Developing a new generation of skincare products using our advanced peptides.

Chemleader Biomedical is your trusted partner.  Explore our offerings and lead the way in biotechnological advancements worldwide.

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