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Custom Organic Synthesis

Chemleader Biomedical have been helping our customers innovate for over 10 years by taking on the most complex challenges in organic chemical synthesis and producing custom molecules for novel products and projects. In addition to the regular products, Chemleader Biomedical works in partnership to deliver high quality materials and methods to take you and your organization forward. we have a full in-house organic lab staffed with expert chemists who can also synthesize compounds and provide service in accordance with client specification. Our skilled custom synthesis teams can start from your first ideas, route scouting and developing a synthesis method, or we can use or improve upon an existing synthesis route as required. Chemleader Biomedical assure the best quality and the shortest turn-over time. Quality assurance and confidential services from milligrams to kilograms scales. Proficient in handling various complex synthesis routes and providing targeted services for characteristic products. From amino acids and asymmetric synthesis to nucleosides and heterocycles, Chiral synthesis and separation are also a major feature of our chemical synthesis, and also involve fields such as natural products and biological sciences.

Natural Product Isolation

Natural products have been the most successful source of new drugs. Natural products are an unsurpassed source of chemical diversity and an ideal starting point for any screening program for pharmacologically active small molecules. Natural products have been a treasure trove for new drug development, a source of new structures and new ideas. Chemleader Biomedical Labs specializes in isolating high purity chemical compounds from natural sources. Chemleader Biomedical are capable of producing milligram to gram quantities of isomerically pure material.

Chemleader Biomedical offers naturally derived compounds such as chalcones, alkaloids, caffeoylquinic acids, coumarins, terpenes and steroids. Our high purity natural products are used for research, development, regulatory and testing purposes in fields such as biology, metabolomics, agronomy, crop protection, nutrition, nutraceuticals, food and feed, flavour and fragrance, cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.


Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) impurities for research


Impurities are chemical substances that are structurally related to the target drug but are not the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) itself. 'Impurities' refers to synthetic impurity standards and known metabolites of APIs that have been resynthesised to the highest purity, and are supplied with full analytical data, allowing precise identification and quantification of extraneous molecules that may be present in a drug. Impurities in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) can change the properties of a drug significantly and the importance of impurity reference materials has become clear for the registration process, where exact identification and quantification of impurities is essential for documentation.

Chemleader Biomedical has an established and specialized team of highly skilled chemists who are focused on the synthesis of reference standards for our customers’ projects. References standards are pivotal components in the pharmaceutical industry serving crucial roles in chemical development and the GMP production of APIs.

 Chemleader Biomedical collected many impurities reference standards derives, our quality impurity reference materials - including intermediates, by-products and degradation products - enable accuracy in both your qualitative and quantitative analysis, with the aim of helping you to create ever better, safer medicines.

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